OWMM has been active in the Middle East providing humanitarian and medical support to Iraqi refugee camps since November of 2008.

In 2018, OWMM shipped two more containers with food, medicine and clothing to Iraqi IDPs, and refugees in need with the support of long-time partner CFI.

Help us save more lives as we head back to Iraq to deliver medical supplies, medicine, food and clothing for displaced families and children with special needs. Please read our past efforts below to see how impactful your donation will be.

Our Mission in Jordan

The NAAMA Medical Mission to Jordan: OWMM helped the Syrian refugees and wounded victims March 22-28 in Jordan

The Batnaya Mission in Northern Iraq

Batnaya is a Chaldean town in northern Iraq located 14 miles north of Mosul and around 3 miles north of Tel Keppe. OWMM embarked to assist IDP’s (internally displaced people) with medical needs, and then returned to assist the Iraqi and Yezidi refugees affected by the war.

October 2009 we helped Iraqi cancer patients through 2010. Further, we did charity work in Kurdistan Villages (Passee and Koreema) in April 2012, and then another trip in 2015 to Kurdistan to provide food, medicine and clothing to Iraqi refugees.