One World Medical Mission (OWMM) is a global non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to providing relief and empower oppressed members of multi ethno-religious communities in the Middle East.

For more than a decade, we have sponsored and facilitated many missions to provide the much-needed medications, medical equipment, supplies, clothing, healthcare, hygiene and disease prevention education.

Our expression that we care provides the ultimate comfort for war-impacted populations, especially among the most vulnerable like the elderly, women, and minors. This leads to building healthy and sustainable communities that carry forward thousands of years of a legacy of a precious culture and religious heritage we are compelled to save from extinction. We believe building bridges of understanding and partnerships with others will help us together achieve immense accomplishments.

Our vision is dynamic and ever-evolving that sees a future time in which our people’s human rights are restored, their humanity is universally respected, their capabilities are re-empowered and their lives are re-energized with hope. We aspire to be the world’s most engaged, effective and visible humanitarian relief provider and being advocates of defending, protecting and ensuring the human worth and capabilities of Middle Eastern minorities including the people in our homeland Iraq and in the global Diaspora. Our vision statement captures the essence of who we are. Everything we do flows from this vision.

Learn more about us by reading of our founder and president, Nidhal Garmo.

OWMM Board

Nidhal Garmo, founder & president

Dr. Rana Azzo, Vice President

Caroline Watha, Treasurer

Stephanie Kasgorgis, Secretary

Attorney Nazek Gappy, Legal Counselor

Dr. Bassam Jwaida, International Missions Leader

Christina Semaan, Local Missions Leader

Ayser Najeeb, Media and Advertisement

Dr. Raymond Jallow, Advisory Board Member