About Our Earthquake Relief Fund


(OWMM), One World Medical Mission has partnered with (WMR), World Medical Relief & NAAMA National Arab American Medical Association (Michigan chapter), to send humanitarian aid containers with immediate aid to refugees and IDPs Internally displaced people after a 7.8 catastrophic earthquake hit three days ago leaving a death toll that continues to rise… 47,000+ dead, and thousands more injured… and waiting to be rescued!

EVERY SECOND COUNTS! People are dying every single second that people remain trapped under buildings. Hundreds remain trapped under the rubble. The current stats have risen significantly.

Earthquake survivors are also in urgent need of medical and humanitarian support. Thousands are currently sleeping under dire conditions, with freezing temperatures as many have become homeless after this life-altering disaster!

It is estimated that over 15,000+ are now homeless. Furthermore… Many refugees-IDPs fled the war only to lose their home and loved ones in this earthquake. The earthquake hit refugees-internally displaced especially hard when it hit an area that was home to millions of refugees

Together OWMM, NAAMA & WMR have already committed to donating one humanitarian container, and are wiring money to purchase medicine, food, and blankets for the victims and survivors who are injured and still alive. For the sleepless volunteers, and to cover medical container fees.

We need your support to help us cover the shipping cost of our third shipping container, which will assist displaced families, and orphaned children in the following ways

  • Sponsoring delivery of the containers to refugee and internally displaced survivors
  • The shipping cost for each of the containers is high but with your support, we can send more help to those who need it most 
  • Each container includes: Donated equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, medications, supplies for first aid kits, as well as food and clothing to those who have lost their homes.

Our goal is to help us be a resource to those who have lost everything and to contribute to their hope for better days to come. Please consider donating to our nonprofit to help ease the pain of those suffering.

Help us reach this goal by donating and sharing this fundraiser online with family and friends.

“The death toll is increasing fast and more people that survived are going to die without food and water” -CNN

Every minute, every second counts…
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One World Medical Mission (OWMM) is a global non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to providing relief and to empower oppressed members of multi ethno-religious communities, with a current focus in the Middle East.